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Pilates is for Everybody

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Old, Young, Big, Small, Fit or not so fit and even for Expectant Mothers and the Injured who require Rehabilitation. The Pilates movement practice caters to people from all walks of life.

It is an injury free practice which helps the mind and body work in harmony. Pilates is gentle yet a safe and effective fitness regime for everybody. Those practicing Pilates regularly attest the fact that it provides control & stability in their bodies. It offers an environment of physical, emotional & spiritual support to enhance one’s self-image. Helps focus, improves concentration and teaches the body to conserve energy. Most importantly it teaches one to love and treat their bodies with utmost kindness. The Pilates movement practice teaches one to move smartly, not just while practicing Pilates but even while one is going about their daily chores.

Pilates just helps you do ever thing else better, be it Walking, Running, Golfing, Swimming or just about anything else that you are passionate about. Almost all of us have structural issues, even the so called super fit regular gym goers with toned & sculpted bodies. Where one’s dominant muscles or primary muscles tend to over develop and non-dominant or stabilizing muscles tend be weak and under used. Pilates helps in identifying these issues and corrects all such imbalances. Pilates educates you about your body and allows you to move in ways you never thought was possible. All you need to do is set that commitment and fitness goal for yourself TODAY.
Our Teachers at Pilates for Wellbeing are not just Fitness Instructors, they are real individuals who have experienced Pilates and its fabulous benefits in their bodies. This in turn has got them to grow so passionate about this movement practice that most of them have given up their full time careers and have chosen to study & teach Pilates.
Our Teachers are constantly creating a journey for themselves where they discover their own physical potential and explore their passion to teach Pilates. Our Teaching faculty hold certifications from The Pilates Centre, Boulder, Colorado (often referred to as the Harvard of Pilates Teacher Training Program). They are thoroughly trained with an in-depth knowledge of Human Anatomy & Physiology. Our Teachers are compassionate and ever willing to support you in your fitness goals and are superbly adept at assisting you with your practice. See us for a Consultation and we will empower you to make the right choices for your health, wellness and fitness life.

The concept of mindfulness, being present in the moment, has gained popularity in the wellness sphere.
As holistic wellbeing and the mind-body-spirit connection become increasingly important, incorporating a meditative practice into your fitness routine is essential.
Classical Pilates, in particular, is known to enhance focus and concentration, allowing you to fully engage in activities without distraction.

Practicing mindful Pilates has shown positive effects on concentration levels.
It enables practitioners to immerse themselves in activities, such as reading or appreciating their surroundings, without succumbing to distractions.
Research suggests that children and teenagers who engage in Pilates also experience improved focus, enhancing their academic performance.