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Meet Kavita Prakash
Founder & Principal Teacher

Our Founder's Story

Kavita Prakash, a onetime competitive athlete and a former HR professional, has worked with leading multinationals in Dubai, where she has lived as an expat for over 20 years.

She took up to Pre-natal Pilates over 15 years ago as a practitioner to help combat the physical and emotional challenges of her pregnancy. Enlightened and overwhelmed by the innumerable benefits that Classical Pilates had to offer, thereafter, she continued to build the movement practice into her lifestyle that she became addicted to. Until, she decided to give up her well-established corporate career to pursue her quest to learn, practice and teach the benefits of this fabulous low intensity exercise regimen.

Experienced Pilates Practitioner and Teacher

With sheer determination and dedication, Kavita embarked on an in-depth and intensive study of Pilates which included 950 hours of Advanced Teacher Training program and graduated as a Certified Pilates Instructor from The Pilates Center, Boulder, Colorado, USA (often referred to as the ‘Harvard’ of Pilates Teacher Training Programs). She is a third generation Teacher in the Classical Pilates lineage and Asia’s only Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. This enables her to mentor and certify Trainees of the Pilates Centre’s Teacher Training Program.

Kavita has also completed the Heritage Training, a Post Graduate Program for Pilates Professionals taught by Cara Reeser, a second-generation Pilates Instructor and lineage carrier of Kathy Grant’s (First Generation Teacher) work. As part of her continued educational efforts, Kavita continues to pursue her study of the Pilates method under the mentorship of Cara.

Bringing Classical Pilates to India

Kavita brought her passion, clarity, knowledge and commitment of Classical Pilates to India in 2015 and set-up the country’s first fully equipped state-of-the-art Classical Pilates Studio in Bengaluru. With her wealth of training and experience on a global platform, she brings a unique approach to fitness and wellbeing that helps transform the people she works with. Her focus and complete dedication to every individual she works with, combined with her attention to detail has led people to experience a sense of alignment and harmony with their bodies like never before.

Apart from continuing to study and teach Pilates, Kavita is an ardent animal lover who works with animal welfare organizations in Bangalore to rehome abandoned cats and dogs. She also supports vaccination and birth control drives for homeless dogs during her spare time.