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We are Pure. We are Classical

Classical Pilates is the purest version of Contrology. It focuses on an intensive understanding of the human musculoskeletal system to achieve a personalized, full-body and mind workout without strain or injury, just the way Joseph Pilates had taught it. 

It’s the right way to Holistic Wellbeing

Classical Pilates Teachers are rigorously trained to work with every level of fitness, body type, age, and musculoskeletal condition. They undergo several years of instruction, not just in terms of technique but also an in-depth understanding of the human anatomy, and are trained to impart this understanding to their students.

While teaching, intensive engagement ensures Teachers’ guidance and involvement each step of the way. This enables them to constantly adapt the program as the practitioner progresses, always keeping the workouts interesting and challenging, yet safe from injuries.

Learn to move as you are supposed to move

Every movement creates a physical impact. How we sit, walk and hold our bodies as we engage in our daily tasks has significant repercussions on our musculoskeletal health. Many of us tend to develop incorrect postures and movements unconsciously.

The real benefit of Classical Pilates is a deep understanding of our bodies. Every exercise is done gently, with full awareness of each muscle and bone, and their strengths and weaknesses.

Classical Pilates is as much a mental workout as a physical one, focused on ‘feeling’ your body while it engages in controlled movements. This results in practitioners developing an instinctive ‘body-sense’, allowing them to move naturally and gracefully throughout their lives.

Features of Classical Pilates

  • Classical Pilates follows an original order of exercises performed on the Mat or Reformer.
  • Exercises are taught with a unique and dynamic rhythm, and progression occurs when exercises can be done with control and precision.
  • Classical Pilates honors the original teachings and principles of Joseph Pilates where the aim is to optimize health and physical performance by working on core strength, flexibility and body awareness.
  • Classical Pilates follows the original principles of concentration, control, centering, flow, precision and breathing.
  • Classical Pilates focuses on body awareness imparted through intensive interaction with experienced Teachers.
  • Classical Pilates requires intensive student-teacher interaction which limits the class size, guaranteeing personal supervision.

Benefits of Classical Pilates

  • Utilizing specialized apparatus, the method works by toning muscles as well as balancing muscular force at the joint level.
  • Classical Pilates corrects muscular imbalances and improves posture, coordination, balance, strength, and flexibility.
  • It increases breathing capacity and organ function.
  • It stimulates circulation through facilitating muscular flexibility, joint range of motion and proper musculoskeletal alignment.
  • It promotes new neuromuscular patterns, heightened body awareness, and more precise coordination.
  • As students gain body awareness, they move efficiently, with more poise and balance, not just while practicing but throughout the day.
  • All these factors combine to help prevent future re-injury and reduce and, in some cases, alleviate chronic pain altogether.