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Whether you’re a first-time practitioner or at an advanced level of your Pilates practice, at Pilates for Wellbeing, each session is tailored to suit your abilities and wellbeing goals.  

Duet Lesson

Duration: 60 minutes

A Duet Lesson is a one-to-two session with a Teacher. It is designed similarly to a Private Lesson but training with a partner, spouse, friend, or anyone that you may choose to practice with. Duets work best when you and your partner can commit to the same schedule and have similar physical abilities and goals. It is also a great strategy to work out with a partner to help motivate each other. A great way to bond, you can expect tailored lessons to your common wellbeing objectives and shared commitment towards your practice.

Private Lesson

Duration: 60 minutes

A Private Lesson is a one-on-one session with an Teacher. It is highly recommended that one begins their Pilates practice with a few Private Lessons so as to ensure that the Teacher is able to gauge the client’s capabilities, range of motion, inefficiencies, posture, strength, and weakness. In a Private Lesson, the Teacher devotes undivided attention to a client’s specific needs and goals. The Teacher also develops a customized program utilizing all the Pilates equipment and props to produce optimum results.

Intermediate Group Equipment Class

Duration: 60 minutes

An Intermediate Group Equipment Class will accept a maximum of 4 clients. This class is only open to those who have progressed from the Introductory Group Equipment Class or have completed a minimum of 45 Private Lessons with us. These classes feature a series of Classical Pilates exercises from Introductory Level to Level III in a set order performed on all of the Classical Pilates Equipment. This Class works at a faster tempo and clients will be challenged with more complicated exercises, greater range of motion with a dynamic flow. You can expect to deepen your practice with a more challenging workout regime and experience greater precision and control in your movements.

Introductory Group Equipment Class

Duration: 60 minutes

An Introductory Group Equipment Class will accept a maximum of 4 clients. This class is only open to those who are new to Classical Pilates or to those who have had no previous Pilates experience with us. The Introductory class will cover a foundational repertoire of skills and exercises on all of the Classical Equipment. This class is taught at a slower pace as there is an emphasis on proper technique and execution throughout the session. The Teacher will focus on fundamentals of Pilates – ‘Concentration, Control, Centering, Breath, Flow & Precision’. One can expect to leave this class feeling worked out and energized. This is a progressive class and will prepare you for the Intermediate Group Equipment Class.