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Meet Our Teachers

Anjali Ganapathy

Anjali Ganapathy’s journey into fitness took an unexpected turn when she discovered Classical Pilates. Transitioning from a successful career in strategy and brand marketing, Anjali found new passion as an entrepreneur and chef. In 2015, she became a client at Pilates for Wellbeing studio, and within two years, she decided to pursue her love for Pilates by becoming a certified Teacher Trainer.

Pilates has transformed her perspective on fitness and the human form, emphasizing the importance of embracing and protecting our natural abilities. Teaching and practicing Pilates has become a vital part of Anjali’s life, bringing a sense of calm and balance like no other workout. Witnessing the transformative impact of Pilates on her clients is immensely rewarding.

As she continues to manage her business and teach, Anjali feels physically and mentally stronger, ready for whatever comes her way. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, spending time with loved ones, and cherishing moments with her cats.

Sandhya Muralidharan

Sandhya’s journey as a fitness instructor was sparked by her desire to shed post-pregnancy weight. Engaging in activities like jogging, weight training, and group exercise classes, she developed a passion for movement science and helping others. Sandhya became a certified fitness trainer through RIA (Reebok Instructors Alliance) and gained experience in various exercise forms while working with different gyms. 

Discovering Pilates during a workshop, Sandhya found the exercises perfectly suited for her body. After years of teaching as a group instructor, she decided to focus more on Pilates and joined a contemporary Pilates studio in Delhi. Seeking further growth, she moved to Bangalore and became a freelance instructor. When Pilates for Wellbeing introduced the first TPC certification in Classical Pilates in April 2017, Sandhya seized the opportunity and completed the program. Now, with a comprehensive understanding of the Classical Pilates Method, she believes it targets all aspects of fitness and emphasizes spine strength, mobility, stability, and flexibility—essential for our modern lifestyles. 

As a dedicated practitioner and teacher, Sandhya advocates for treating the body with respect. She believes that through Classical Pilates, individuals can achieve their highest movement potential and overcome past injuries. Sandhya aims to guide others toward a healthier and stronger body, emphasizing a balanced and mindful approach to exercise. Experience the freedom and seamless flow of Classical Pilates, as Sandhya shares her knowledge and helps individuals develop a naturally balanced body with improved mobility and strength, leaving behind past pains.

Prashanth Ponnappa

Prashanth Ponnappa is an Intermediate Teacher at Pilates for Wellbeing.
A fitness instructor by profession, Prashanth decided to begin our Teacher Training Program when he found that his Pilates practice helped him strike a balance between his other training and active lifestyle. As a fitness enthusiast, he believes that Pilates has taught him a lot regarding his own alignment and posture.

Prashanth has a black belt in karate and has trained in a few other forms of martial arts (Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo). In 2014 he earned his CrossFit Level 1 certification (Hong Kong) and with that, he began his journey as a coach. In 2017, he was certified in CrossFit Level 2 (Dubai) as well.

In his downtime, Prashanth loves playing basketball with his Bengaluru team and engaging in endurance sports. While he has run a few full marathons, he also once biked 1500km around Sri Lanka – which he maintains is his greatest feat to date. About his drive for fitness, Prashanth says, “I love fitness because it improves both mental and physical wellbeing. Over the years, training and staying active has been my anchor.”

When he isn’t looking for new ways to challenge himself physically, Prashanth likes to indulge in his passion for learning about new cultures, travelling, eating and reading – in that order. He is equally passionate about rescuing animals.

He loves the new learning that he gets from new experiences but derives most joy from watching his clients progress to achieve their goals.

Revanth Yedla

Revanth Yedla, was introduced to Pilates via Pilates for Wellbeing during his rehabilitation journey following a knee surgery following a sports injury. Despite initial movement limitations, he found joy in practicing at the studio; gradually progressing and eventually practicing pain-free on all equipment. ​

Under the guidance of Kavita Prakash and PFW’s teachers, Revanth developed a deeper understanding of his body, aiding his recovery and his sports pursuits. Inspired by his own rehabilitation, he enrolled in the studio’s Teacher Training Program. ​

Now, as a certified teacher, he is all set to share the enriching and healing benefits of Classical Pilates.