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Know your Spine!

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Your spine is made up of 33 irregularly shaped bones called vertebrae. Each vertebra has a hole in the middle through which the spinal cord runs.

The spinal cord can be divided into five different regions, from top to bottom: Your 7 cervical vertebrae supports your head and neck and allows you to nod and shake your head; your ribs attach to your 12 thoracic vertebrae ; your five sturdy lumbar vertebrae carries most of the weight of your upper body and provides a stable centre of gravity when you move; your sacrum is made up of five fused vertebrae – it makes up the back wall of your pelvis; your coccyx or the tailbone is made up of four fused vertebrae. It is an evolutionary remnant of the tail found in most other vertebrates.

The concept of mindfulness, being present in the moment, has gained popularity in the wellness sphere.
As holistic wellbeing and the mind-body-spirit connection become increasingly important, incorporating a meditative practice into your fitness routine is essential.
Classical Pilates, in particular, is known to enhance focus and concentration, allowing you to fully engage in activities without distraction.

Practicing mindful Pilates has shown positive effects on concentration levels.
It enables practitioners to immerse themselves in activities, such as reading or appreciating their surroundings, without succumbing to distractions.
Research suggests that children and teenagers who engage in Pilates also experience improved focus, enhancing their academic performance.