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Don’t Ignore that Pain, Get Started on the Road to Recovery

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Have you noticed how the term ‘injury’ has become such common verbiage today?

There is always that one strain or sprain or muscle pull that we just can’t seem to overcome.

There used to be a time when this word was used only by athletes, sportspersons and those who engaged in heavy-duty workouts. More than a decade ago, when someone announced they had an injury in a fitness class, the rest of the group looked at them almost admiringly, marvelling at how the person must be really fit to get a ‘workout injury’.

Now it is more lifestyle related than anything else. The way we sit at our workstations, the way we read on our beds, our posture while we sleep, how we carry groceries (or even our kids), balancing heavy laptop bags on one shoulder: all attribute to a particular pain point on our bodies that almost seem to have become a part of our very being. Spondylitis, lumbar issues, joint pain are some of the most common complaints we hear from clients at our studios, irrespective of the age group.

As Pilates Practitioners, the good news is that, any injury, no matter how big or small can be healed with exercises done in the correct form. In fact, most of you must be familiar with the back-story of how Joseph Pilates first introduced these exercises to heal Prisoners of War. You can reach out to me or any of our Instructors if you feel any recurring discomfort or pain. The important thing is to nip it in the bud and not allow it to aggravate.

Meanwhile, here are a few recommendations that I hope will help you avoid the pain of suffering an injury. Cooling down after a workout is just as important as warming up. It is imperative that muscles are returned to their optimal length-tension ratios. Keep moving and avoid sitting in one place for too long. Time your smart watches to remind you to get up every hour. Most back and neck strains originate from sitting on a chair for too long or working on a computer for hours at a stretch. Listen to your body. It will always tell you when you need to recover. Ideally, soreness from a workout should not last for more than 24-48 hours.

If you have any questions on a specific injury that needs rehabilitation, for yourself or even a loved one, feel free to respond to this email or talk to me at either of our studios.

The concept of mindfulness, being present in the moment, has gained popularity in the wellness sphere.
As holistic wellbeing and the mind-body-spirit connection become increasingly important, incorporating a meditative practice into your fitness routine is essential.
Classical Pilates, in particular, is known to enhance focus and concentration, allowing you to fully engage in activities without distraction.

Practicing mindful Pilates has shown positive effects on concentration levels.
It enables practitioners to immerse themselves in activities, such as reading or appreciating their surroundings, without succumbing to distractions.
Research suggests that children and teenagers who engage in Pilates also experience improved focus, enhancing their academic performance.