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Alleviate Lower Back Pain with Pilates. Introducing Remedial & Rehab Classes

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I received an overwhelming response to our last blog on how the slightest prolonged pain or discomfort should not be ignored, rather addressed at the earliest. So many of our clients reached out to me, talking about different injuries that they or their loved ones have been struggling to deal with, some for even years. Our team of Instructors and I realized that this only reaffirms the fact that even regular Pilates Practitioners sometimes continue to work-out, suffering through the pain and not giving the body the right movement attention, it deserves.

This got us thinking that maybe our regular lessons and classes are not enough to help our clients overcome specific injuries. Private Lessons certainly help to a great extent, but then, not all our clients opt for them.

With that thought in mind, we are pleased to introduce Remedial & Rehab Classes to recover from injuries, muscular & skeletal disorders and chronic conditions. These will be hosted at the Lavelle Road studio and we will be focusing on different areas of the spine.

Lower back pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal complaints, usually caused due to incorrect posture, prolonged sitting, incorrectly lifting heavy objects or a sports injury. Classical Pilates can help heal the pain by strengthening the deep abdominal and back muscles that support the Spine.

I would like to leave you with the thought that Joseph Pilates had conceptualised the movements with an aim of healing and holistic wellbeing, rather than a superficial short-term solution, and Pilates for Wellbeing was founded on this very ethos. Please feel free to respond to this by email if you have any questions on lower back-pain or any other specific injury that needs rehabilitation, for yourself or even a loved one.

The concept of mindfulness, being present in the moment, has gained popularity in the wellness sphere.
As holistic wellbeing and the mind-body-spirit connection become increasingly important, incorporating a meditative practice into your fitness routine is essential.
Classical Pilates, in particular, is known to enhance focus and concentration, allowing you to fully engage in activities without distraction.

Practicing mindful Pilates has shown positive effects on concentration levels.
It enables practitioners to immerse themselves in activities, such as reading or appreciating their surroundings, without succumbing to distractions.
Research suggests that children and teenagers who engage in Pilates also experience improved focus, enhancing their academic performance.