Karthik Gangadharan

Well equipped studio, knowledgeable and experienced facilitators. If you are serious about fitness give it some time and effort and you will reap the benefits. I’m a recreational runner who had some niggling issues with injuries. Facilitators were very helpful in identifying the cause and suggest personalized plan for my training. I see tremendous improvement in how I run especially with the free mobility of my stride. All good things come at a price and if you see the return I’m sure you wouldn’t mind this investment on yourself and your well-being.

David D’Souza

After suffering for years with lower back issues , thanks to my wife’s intervention I decided to try Pilates for Wellbeing , Bangalore. I was pleasantly surprised to see the positive effects just a few sessions with Kavita and Jill had on my physical wellbeing. Being an avid golfer, the condition of my back dictated my performance on the golf course. I am still very much a ‘work in progress’ with regard to my physical well being, however, I can now confidently say that I am in far better shape with my back than I have been in the last 20 years and my performance on the golf course bears testimony to this ! Thank you Kavita, look forward to continuing my enjoyment my rejuvenation with you at ‘Pilates for Wellbeing’!

Christina Roach

I have done Stott Pilates before but Classical Pilates is NOT the same. I am so glad I gave this a shot and when you have an instructor like Kavita you will not regret it. Both Jill and Kavita are extremely lovely and patient yet tough and make sure you give the class your 100 % . Kavita keeps the classes very exciting and its always different everytime .At pilates for wellbeing its not just about toning up or losing weight but Kavita will follow-up and design your program according to any injury/disability you have. To top it all the space is very well maintained and beautifully designed.

Abdul Kalam

This studio is amazing! Love the natural light and aesthetic. A very knowledgeable and professional instructor- She’s tough and she makes you sweat.I feel stronger because the instructors have helped me correct my technique and I feel happy to spend time in a place full of so much positive energy.

Sonya Domergue

When I signed up for the private sessions with Pilates for Wellbeing, nothing prepared me for the high level of expertise, commitment and dedication that Kavita brings to every lesson. This is a ‘two-way mirror’ whereby the client also gives his or her best with results that soon become apparent. This is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept, but a tailor-made course for each person. Issues like old injuries and faulty posture are addressed and, after two months of regular practice, I can not only see and feel the benefits, but am gratified by constantly improving performance.

Sonia Veysey

My friends and I have been doing Pilates group classes with Kavita for close to a year now. The attention offered to each of us is personalized. My friends and I have different abilities but also different postural problems like inflexible spine, tight shoulders etc. Kavita is amazing at watching us closely, correcting our movements and ensuring the effective­ness of each exercise. And for me that’s the most important thing that differentiates an instructor who really cares from an instructor who wishes to just go through the exercises.

Lucie Fonseca

I did pilates mat training with Kavita for two years and I’m very pleased with the results. I did lose a bit of weight but, more importantly, I lost inches in all the right places. I have slimmer arms and a nice flat stomach. My husband is actually jealous and wants to start pilates too.  I also haven’t experienced any back issues since I started training, I can tell my back is well supported by my core muscles now. The best part is I started seeing results very soon after I started training. It was a bit hard at first but the effort was well worth it and it became easier after a few sessions. I would recommend pilates to anyone wanting to keep fit while juggling a busy schedule.

Catherine Berthelot

I am French, 45 years old and I have been practicing Pilates with Kavita for almost 2 years now in Dubai. I really enjoy Kavita’s sessions. She is passionate and strongly committed to provide the best result to each student. Her classes are very intense and comprise small groups so that she can give more attention and correct your movements. She always shows us the perfect movement and exercise before we actually do it ourselves. Sometimes she even shows you what not to do so we  understand the movements better.  She finds innovative ways to keep us focused by using different movements. I have been a sportsperson for many years but it’s the first time that someone corrected my general posture and walking. I feel lucky I met Kavita because she is genuinely devoted to her clients. In 2 years my body shape changed, especially my posture. I feel good in my body and my head. No more back or neck pain or sciatica.

Gary Bryne

As an over 50, I was looking for an exercise regime that was less impactful on my creaking joints and Pilates has exceeded my expectations. I have also noticed a beneficial impact on my golf swing. Working with a well- qualified and experienced instructor like Kavita offers me a high level of confidence and this makes such a big difference.

Lindsey Lambert

For a long time I have suffered with chronic pain in my upper back (from a previous injury: fell off my horse quite badly when I was younger) so when the opportunity came up to attend Pilates classes I decided to go for it! Kavita is a fantastic instructor and is really invested in her client’s wellbeing. Kavita has an enormous knowledge of Pilates and the Human Anatomy, so is able to help individuals understand how to engage and use the core muscles and also visualize the body movement, coupled with her sunny disposition of always being encouraging and enthusiastic whatever level you are at. I have noticed my back pain has improved considerably since practicing Pilates, I would strongly recommend anyone at any age to start practicing Pilates, I wish I had done it sooner!

Neela Bopaiah

In 2013 I started my Pilates journey with Kavita. Having done yoga before I was skeptical of this form of exercise. Kavita’s passion for fitness and her regimen is extremely inspiring. Kavita is a through professional when it comes to being an instructor. Her knowledge on human anatomy, health & fitness, healthy eating habits makes learning with her a complete experience. She is a stickler for perfection and ensures her subjects benefit from every session they take. Her instructions are clear and she guides and educates and ensure that the fitness journey is a great experience. Kavita equips her clients with mental toughness to push themselves to reach their goals and even exceed them. Her group classes on stretching is amazing.Kavita’s personal strengths as a mature and highly motivated individual as well as her professional and extensive fitness knowledge have all contributed to my own personal fitness successes. Her contagious passion for fitness has encouraged me as an individual to want to exceed my own fitness goals and more than anything love and believe in Pilates .  I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve fitness goals have a personal training session with Kavita.

Valerie Battistella

When my friends convinced me to join their Pilates class last year I was skeptical. I always thought Pilates was not for me and that I needed more cardio-fitness to release my energy. I would never have thought that after only a few sessions I could feel so different: more aware of my body, more balanced and stronger. My work-related tension in my neck and shoulders also improved drastically. Kavita’s passion for Pilates comes through in her classes. She does a fabulous job at identifying wrong movements, correcting your postures individually to ensure a successful and safe workout. She is great at motivating you to push your limits. We work hard, but also have lots of fun, feeling really more confident class after class.

Phillipe Berthelot

Who said Pilates is only for women? I bet he’s a guy who never attended a class with Kavita. He should, if he wants to lose that little belly right there. I am 42 years old and I practiced competitive sports for 25 years, mainly rugby and football. I wish I met Kavita 20 years ago, I would have certainly avoided many injuries. Pilates gives you that core strength that is so helpful for any other sports you practice : from football to wakeboard or simply swimming or jogging. Kavita is above and beyond any other Pilates instructor I met. She loves what she does and she does it because she truly believes Pilates will bring good to your body and soul. And it certainly does.

Alexa Mey

Kavita is the best pilates teacher that I have been to. She maintains a good rhythm in her class, she very quickly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of her students and does not hesitate to correct us for our benefits! Thanks to Pilates, I’ve discovered a good mental and physical being and my back problems have disappeared.

Ravikiran Acharya

Kavita is an outstanding master of her craft. She has deep domain knowledge of Pilates combined with a passion to help her clients achieve positive results. Kavita’s enthusiastic commitment to Pilates and ultimately her clients provides the perfect ingredient for success and a healthier lifestyle. Having trained under her for a couple of years, I am more flexible and stronger today. I have improved my posture and become more aware of the benefits Pilates can bring about in people. I highly recommend Kavita to anyone getting into Pilates