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Prashanth Ponnappa

Prashanth Ponnappa

Prashanth Ponnappa


Prashanth Ponnappa is a personal trainer and Crossfit fitness instructor in Calisthenics, street workouts and martial arts.

Prashanth started learning Karate in school and progressed enough to earn a black belt while he was there. In college he became wholly passionate about playing Basketball. Since he wanted to improve his skills in the game he decided he needed to get stronger. It led him to start working out and since then he has jumped into learning and teaching mixed martial arts after finishing his training in Taekwondo, Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai in addition to Karate.

As he was doing his fitness and jump training for his Basketball matches where he still plays in the weekends, he discovered a workout called "Calisthenics" (gymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement) which he starting utilizing to get stronger and faster in his game. He also started going to parks to explore Calisthenics exercises in an outdoor setting using his own body weight.

In 2014, after trying CrossFit®, he immediately fell in love with it. He was able to learn all the movements, and started assisting in classes. He was able to pursue fitness fulltime after leaving his job and getting certified as a CrossFit® Level 1 instructor from Hong Kong, and a certification in AFAA group fitness and functional fitness.

In addition to training others, Prashanth likes to run and cycle long distance.

He has completed a few full marathons and taken part in long distance and downhill cycling races. He recently completed a cycling trip around the country of Sri Lanka for 1450 Kms in 10 days. He also loves listening to music, going camping, trekking, climbing and reading. He has been featured in articles by Little Black Book and Deccan Herald on his love for fitness and his views on training your body by making workouts fun, durable and regular.